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Ewhenter, Event & Activity Finding Mobile app




Kyiv, Ukraine

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< 10 Members


$20,000 - $50,000

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CloudFlex crafted Ewhenter, a user-friendly social app that simplifies your event-finding journey. Within just two months, we delivered a stable and efficient platform, turning the hassle of browsing multiple sites for events into a smooth, all-in-one experience, directly connecting you with the best of city life.
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Ewhenter, Event & Activity Finding Mobile app

#Cloud App Development

#PoC Development

#FastAPI Development


Ewhenter is a social application that helps to find events and visit them!


Ewhenter is a startup which aim is to digitalize events booking for all the city through one platform! Build initially for the Android it should cover major audience for the MVP


  1. Mobile Application displays on the Google Map places you can visit
  2. Data is aggregated from multiple data sources
  3. User can easily buy a ticket and be a part of event
  4. Use shouldn’t leave the app and go over multiple websites to satisfy his request. Software would propose the cheapest available price


Cloudflex has covered the full cycle of product development from scratch to end production. Engineers were involved at each stage from requirements decomposition to end feature delivery for the end-user. During the support phase, we’ve been making bugfixes and extended applications with other features on-demand as well as helped to scale the software

The team has worked on Mobile and Backend parts, as well as provided QA and BA services


  • 💪 Built in less than 2 months
  • 🔥 Stable and reliable app
  • 🦸‍️ Migrated old codebase to the newer sources
  • 🤑 Analysed business needs at the beginning and gave valuable recommendations which have helped customers to increase revenue

Areas of responsibilities

  • Custom Software Development
  • End-to-end Development
  • UI/UX design
  • Backend development (Java)
  • Mobile Development (Android, Kotlin)
  • Requirements analysis (Business Analysis)
  • Testing (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)

Product industries

  • Social products
  • Eventing
  • Digital transformation
  • High Tech & IT

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