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Software Development Company
Building Systems and


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Cyanoguard | Cyanide Monitoring System

Custom Software Development for tech company specialized on chemical. End-to-end development and support of the whole system

Yaza | Advanced realtime App

Yaza is a real-time system for managing news and sharing personal content. It's designed to resolve fake news and fake content issues

Bean | Marketplace and Survey App

Bean is a marketplace app with dynamic survey ability. Surveys help to collect useful analytics data and promote brands. With app functionality brands ca and based on survey understand how good they are taughtn also educate employees

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Benjamin Megerle | CloudFlex

@CTO & Board Member - Benjamin Megerle, CyanoGuard AG

"Their response time and professionalism are impressive"

Mobile App & Web Dev for Cyanide Solutions Manufacturer

Peter Sisson | CloudFlex

@CEO & Co-Founder - Peter Sisson, Yaza

"CloudFlex has technical excellence and proficiency"

Advanced Video App Dev for Software Company

Undisclosed | CloudFlex

@Head of Product, Experiential Marketing Platform

"We've been nothing but ecstatic with CloudFlex. We intend to continue our relationship"

Mobile App Dev for Experiential Marketing Platform

Undisclosed | CloudFlex

@BDM, Product Development Company

"The team is highly responsive and provided extended feature analysis to uncover the edge cases and deliver better"

Mobile App Dev for Product Company

Undisclosed | CloudFlex

@Co-Founder, Atomiq Coffee Network

"Their services were excellent. They also worked fast, adjusted when needed, and adhered to all deadlines"

Custom Software Dev for Coffee Shop

Undisclosed | CloudFlex

@Co-Founder, Troubleshoot

"The product was great, there were no critical issues at the end of the day

Android and iOS App Development for Social Project"

Undisclosed | CloudFlex

@CEO, Heath & Wellness Startup

"They were willing to help and improve the product, responsive, and cost-efficient

Prototype Dev for Health & Wellness Startup"

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How we work

  • Business Analysis
    Gathering client's ideas we are happy to provide technical vision
  • Product Design
    In-depth analysis makes our solutions flexible, scalable and robust
  • Software Development
    Using best practices to make reliable, well-documented and easy to maintain software
  • Maintenance
    Dedicated development team for the on-going support for the existing products
  • Testing
    Providing the best quality of the AI, Mobile applications, Web, Backend or any other software area by us for customers
  • Integration
    Solutions that go with the times to improve businesses and give customers best experience
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