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Yaza, Advanced Realtime AI App


2022 - 2023


California, USA

Company Size

11-50 Members


$50,000 - $100,000

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While the app hasn’t launched yet on all platforms, the iOS version has been well-received and has won awards. It works well and has robust features that end users praise
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Yaza, Advanced Realtime AI App

#Cloud App Development

#PoC Development

#FastAPI Development


Yaza is a real-time system for managing news and sharing personal content. It’s designed to resolve fake news and fake content issues by leveraging modern AI capabilities


Convert existing social-focused iOS app to the big CRM system, including legacy “Area” iOS app as admin panel and legacy backend in Java with intelligent image classifier. Keep existing production users untouched though

Yaza legacy app


  1. Must keep existing production and all posts untouched
  2. Extend with content filtering system including admin app and approve functionality
  3. Refactor existing code, fix critical issues, work on new features
  4. Improve security of user content, increase quality of videos, determine optimal scale gesture parameters


CloudFlex has covered the full cycle of product development including basic designs and requirement analysis as well as testing of software developed. In addition to an open-market version team has developed internal management component consisting of 2 iOS apps to filter fake content and display only the approved one. One of the iOS apps was repurposed to become admin panel. Legacy Java backend was refactored to increase speed. All jobs were done in high-quality so that existing production app didn’t suffer any issues while this big module was injected


Our team made several design iterations over the existing project to find the best technology and approach. Firstly, we’ve designed a web prototype of the toolkit, containing next critical features:

  • Track submission count
  • Track approved posts
  • Track rejected posts
  • Display post preview for the moderator
Yaza moderator toolkit

However, made a different decision and repurposed one of the customer’s existing apps, so that moderator has a way to approve or reject content right in the pocket wherever the person is

Camera, Zoom Gesture

One of the biggest challenges was to fix the gesture detector for zoom coded by the previous team. The issue was - it wasn’t really sensitive and wasn’t adjusting zoom correctly based on gesture speed

To overcome this issue, we decided to create a little proof of concept to get the best gesture parameters

Camera, Quality

Initially camera had a bad quality. However, quality and speed of upload are the things which are hardly can leave together. We did our best to marry them. Changed codec, played around with settings and as a result 1080p video was uploading in a few seconds to the server

Yaza Quality Photo


  • 💪 Deep expertise allowed to overcome significant technical challenges during 2 major addons development in short terms
  • 🙌 Stable and reliable iOS app
  • 🦸‍️ Investigated and fixed crucial issues, improving overall app speed
  • ✨ Took care of what we were doing, gave important business recommendations on specific features and valued relations with customer over budgets

Yaza on the App Store:

Areas of responsibilities

  • Custom Software Development
  • End-to-end Development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development (React.js)
  • Backend development (Java)
  • Mobile Development (iOS, Swift)
  • Requirements analysis (Business Analysis)
  • Testing (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)

Product industries

  • Social products
  • News and Lifestyle
  • Fake content solving
  • Travelling/Blogging
  • High Tech & IT

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