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Video Admin Toolkit, Video moderation Product


2021 - 2022


California, United States

Company Size

< 10 Members


$10,000 - $30,000

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CloudFlex adeptly crafted the Video Admin Toolkit, a robust platform designed to streamline the video moderation process for social video products. This solution ensures only quality and appropriate content reaches the audience by facilitating meticulous video reviews by moderators, thereby upholding the integrity and brand reputation of video-centric platforms.
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Video Admin Toolkit, Video moderation Product

#Mobile App Development

#MVP Development


Video Admin Toolkit is a software for managing video queue in big social video product. When the video is submitted by user it should be properly validated by agent before showing to the end user


There is a problem is a modern world that sometimes videos posted are not really relevant. Or even fake, so big brands should take care of the content they present to their users. Video Admin Toolkit - an easy-to-integrate admin management system is solving this problem


  1. A person is submitting video content
  2. Moderator is seeing that and reviewing video carefully
  3. After video has passed human check it will go to the audience
  4. Otherwise it would be rejected with particular comments


CloudFlex has handled the software piece for the project, including backend, project management, web development and QA

Business was satisfied with the developed project, since from the business standpoint it has significantly reduced amount of work for moderating content and verifying it. Software is easy-to-integrate with any other systems due to level of abstraction achieved by engineers


  • ❤️ 100% crash-free web
  • 💡 Stable Web part
  • ✨ Complex components with real-time updates

Areas of responsibilities

  • Custom Software Development
  • End-to-end Development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development (React.js)
  • Backend development (Python, FastApi)
  • DevOps
  • Requirements analysis (Business Analysis)
  • Testing (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)

Product industries

  • High Tech & IT
  • Media

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