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Wädenswil, Zurich, Switzerland

Company Size

1-10 Members

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Cyanoguard software development results by Cloudflex


Cyanoguard AG is Next-Generation Cyanide Monitoring System, a chemical tech company specializing in the development of novel toxin detection methods for food safety and health care, gold mining and medical applications


At the part we’ve met with customer there were urgent features requested and expectations on app stability increase. Also, engineers should consider that software works in extreme conditions (gold mines) and should remain stable and keep all data no matter of connectivity. There was also an automation of company processes through custom software part, so we’ve started from development of project plan and were following it all way down

By Summer 2022 it’s more than 1.5 years CloudFlex is providing quality and expertise to Cyanoguard


  1. Measure cyanide amount using custom hardware
  2. Process data on the mobile, display history, add tags and send to the backend in Node.js
  3. Display for customers data in the web
  4. Deploy it as whitelabel for each customer. Main area - gold mines

Tech part is pretty compex, since major component is mobile device communicating with hardware box and has requirements to work in hard conditions


Cloudflex has handled the software piece for the project

  • There was a significant increase in the Android app stability achieved by rewriting software in Kotlin and applying modern approaches
  • Team has handled Data Science part. Business intelligent Dashboard was developed as product was growing
  • The Web part including the Admin panel was extended with Analytics as well as other crucial features
  • The team was proactive and took ownership in feature engineering/data structures design
Cyanoguard Web app and hardware example


  • ❤️ 100% crash-free users in the Android
  • 💡 Stable Web part
  • ✨ Complex components with real-time updates

Areas of responsibilities

  • Custom Software Development
  • End-to-end Development
  • Web Development (React.js)
  • Backend development (Node.js)
  • UI/UX design
  • Data science (Raw math and statistics)
  • Mobile Development (Android, Kotlin. USB)
  • Requirements analysis (Business Analysis)
  • Testing (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)

Product industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Digital Transformation
  • High Tech & IT
  • Green technologies/Ecology

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