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Bean, Marketplace and Survey App


2020 - Ongoing


California, USA

Company Size

1-10 Members



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Cloudflex's comprehensive software solutions, integrating advanced technologies like CLEAN architecture and real-time analytics, empower Bean Marketplace to offer a unique and engaging shopping experience, driving growth and customer satisfaction
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Bean, Marketplace and Survey App

#Mobile App Development

#MVP Development


Bean marketplace serves the local coffee shops and Bean providers to engage the audience and generate more revenue by sharing the knowledge about the product with the target audience. The software gives the ability through the server-driven UI and web panel generate different questionaries and collect live feedback which is extremely important for customers (coffee brands, local coffee shops). Coffee bean survey is one of the best app features, you can leave feedback about cofee!

Product holders are also able to put the videos so that the end-users (target audience) can see the product or place intro and understand it better

Other use case, using the app, the shops can make some training for their employee which is very effective

Each questionary respondent is paid accordingly and able to withdraw to their PayPal account


The challenge was to develop server-driven Surveys UI which can be configurable by dynamic variables through the web admin console, which would be displayed on the native Android and iOS apps. Apps itself contain other critical features like payment withdraw embedded system of user promotion and rewards. Push notifications are also important part of the product.


  1. Product is aggregating coffee brands over the region and registering them in admin panel
  2. Brand is asking for marketing research for example for new product to understand revenue. Or for e.x requesting staff training
  3. App serves appropriate content and validates answers through the surveys
  4. Data is sent over the backend and after business intelligence dashboards aggregates answers by brand and by brands, displaying graphics and predictions
  5. Brands can make predictions based on data


Cloudflex has handled the software piece for the project

  • We have refactored existing apps and introduced modern concepts like CLEAN architecture and DI to both Android and iOS
  • Based on the requirements analysis there were survey types identified and in close collaboration with the backed feature delivered
  • The Web part including the Admin panel was extended with Analytics as well as other crucial features
  • The team was proactive and took ownership in feature engineering/data structures design


  • ❤️ 100% crash-free users in the iOS
  • 💡 Stable Web part
  • 🦾 Modern technologies, like clean architecture, DI and unit testing were introduced and lead to overall stress decrease on the product

Areas of responsibilities

  • Custom Software Development
  • Backend development (Node.js)
  • Mobile Development (Android, Kotlin. iOS, Swift)
  • Requirements analysis (Business Analysis)
  • Testing (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)
  • Project management

Product industries

  • Focus groups & Surveys
  • Social products
  • Learn-to-earn/Gaming
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Financial services

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