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Bit-rx. Crypto Educational Startup

#Miami, USA #Cloud App Development
Budget : Confidential 2023 - Ongoing
Client Bit-Rx is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency educational searching platform that offers newcomers and users familiar with crypto an intuitive and user-friendly interface to search over the platforms and structure their search results. Challenge At …
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EventFarm. Lead Tracking App

#Miami, USA #Mobile App Development
Budget : Confidential 2021 - Ongoing
Client EventFarm is a powerful event marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes plan, promote, and execute successful events. With Event Farm toolset, you can easily create custom event registration pages, manage guest lists, send …
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#Media & PR

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Yaza, Advanced Realtime AI App

#California, USA #AI Mobile App Development
Budget : $50,000 - $100,000 2022 - 2023
Client Yaza is a real-time system for managing news and sharing personal content. It’s designed to resolve fake news and fake content issues by leveraging modern AI capabilities Challenge Convert existing social-focused iOS app to the big CRM system, …
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#Sustainability + AI

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Cyanoguard, Cyanide Monitoring System

#Zurich, Switzerland #Enterprise AI development
Budget : $100,000 - $250,000 2021 - 2023
Client Cyanoguard AG is Next-Generation Cyanide Monitoring System, a chemical tech company specializing in the development of novel toxin detection methods for food safety and health care, gold mining and medical applications Project Concept & …
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Ewhenter, Event & Activity Finding Mobile app

#Kyiv, Ukraine #MVP Development
Budget : $20,000 - $50,000 2017-2018
Client Ewhenter is a social application that helps to find events and visit them! Challenge Ewhenter is a startup which aim is to digitalize events booking for all the city through one platform! Build initially for the Android it should cover major …
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Rivalz, Sports App

#Doha, Quatar #AI Mobile App Development
Budget : $20,000 - $50,000 2022 - 2023
Client Rivalz is Designed to bring together and support the most dedicated and competitive sports enthusiasts, Rivalz is a one-stop shop for all their sporting needs. Whenever and whenever they choose, Rivalz users may play a game. Participate in a …
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Bean, Marketplace and Survey App

#California, USA #Mobile App Development
Budget : Confidential 2020 - Ongoing
Client Bean marketplace serves the local coffee shops and Bean providers to engage the audience and generate more revenue by sharing the knowledge about the product with the target audience. The software gives the ability through the server-driven UI …
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Trust Member, PoC Website for a Volunteering Team

#Kyiv, Ukraine #PoC Development
Budget : Confidential 2021 - 2022
Client Trust Member is a PoC Web application designed and developed by CloudFlex to let only verified users participate internal events and build community Challenge Timeline is only 2 weeks. Tech stack is to be proposed by team. Admin should have …
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Video Admin Toolkit, Video moderation Product

#California, United States #MVP Development
Budget : $10,000 - $30,000 2021 - 2022
Client Video Admin Toolkit is a software for managing video queue in big social video product. When the video is submitted by user it should be properly validated by agent before showing to the end user Challenge There is a problem is a modern world …
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VideoCheck MVP, Video Quality Check Product

#California, United States #PoC Development
Budget : $10,000 - $20,000 2019 - 2021
Client VideoCheck is a module of a big video-streaming platform which was designed to collect data from survey groups. With current implementation, respondents can test their audio, verify their bandwidth is good enough to join and check laptop …
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