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EventFarm Lead Tracking use case


EventFarm is a powerful event marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes plan, promote, and execute successful events. With Event Farm toolset, you can easily create custom event registration pages, manage guest lists, send invitations and reminders, track RSVPs, and even sell tickets or collect donations. Company owns a number of tools, including mobile apps to make eventing process smooth and fast


It’s a hot topic for events to make a conversions from attendees to real leads. It’s getting even hotter when it comes to the fact that conferences can have thousands of visitors. Here comes handy modern software, and it’s power. EventFarm’s request was simple, when the user is interested in services promoted during the event - it should be easy to identify it and contact. CloudFlex has made an analysis, proposed and architected a cross-platform app in Flutter, so that staff can easily grab attendee’s information and make a successful match of client and service


After the business analysis we’ve identified some key features, app should contain

  • Staff should be able to scan attendee’s QR codes to identify person
  • Same ability should be available through NFC tags
  • Lead information should easy to update right in the app, including lead’s state (warm, cold, hot)
  • There should a usable filter allowing staff to filter out leads based on some criteria

After main concept was clear, we’ve started working on the solution

Solution by CloudFlex


One of the key requests was to make the app compatible with both platforms, Android and iOS. We did several iterations with the client. Since native look wasn’t really what was required, it was decided to use Flutter

Flutter App Benefits


Generative avatars

Flutter is know for it's great flexibility, keeping code simple and structured. Flexibility allows applying different designs, change fonts and do other tweaks faster than ever. That really helped us for a number of screens

For example, it helped switching in less than one day from user avatars by urls to generative avatar images, based on the name-surname if image is not present

Flutter App Benefits


At some point of time, the app was growing and product has decided to make it more “alive”. We’ve come up with the proposal of transition animation from list to lead details screen

We’ve also proposed and implemented custom animation for adding a lead manually


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

In software, sometimes it’s better to use the simplest components - they lead to the best outcomes. We’ve applied recommended by material design bottom modal window. By default, all the statuses are available, but user can limit feed by deselecting some statuses


Flutter is working perfectly fine with native OS api’s like camera and NFC. As a result, we’ve managed to create scanner screen, which can scan QR codes, BarCodes and other formats specific to each event

Flutter Lead Tracking App Scan Code


  • ❤️ App in Flutter was deployed to Android and iOS
  • 💡 It’s saved half of the budget for client, since code was written only once
  • ✨ Easy maintenance and all features have been implemented
  • 📱 Animations look natively and doesn’t lag on physical devices

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