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Why should you choose Python for next backend development?

Published : Aug 10, 2022 Updated : Mar 26, 2024

Why Python is a good option?

Python is all the rage, and with good cause. Python is a language that makes programming accessible to everyone, and its user base in fields like artificial intelligence, data science, coding applying math, web development, and more is rapidly expanding

Python widely famous as one of the most readable, writable, and learnable server-side programming languages. In addition, it may be expanded easily. It is used by the top firms in the world and is perfect for making basic prototypes

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned programmer, there are a plethora of reasons why you should consider picking up Python. Let me give you six of the most important ones

Let’s get started!

In the beginning, what is Python development?

Python is a leading language for building software in different areas. It’s a server-side language. That means it’s used to operate with input data, communications with databases, calling other servers API and so on

While other backend applicable languages, such as Java and C, have been in a market for a far less time, Python has been published since the late 1980s, by main programmer at that point - Guido Van Rossum. By eschewing extraneous syntax, Van Rossum designed language to be more close to the English language and hence more readable for software developers

Python has open code, that makes it open-source software. A rise in popularity happened in recent years thanks to its huge community and useful libraries in high-tech areas like Data Science. Python also has a large and active community in the next areas: of machine learning,

  • Data modeling
  • Data analysis and
  • Data visualization
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) due to a number of really bold irreplaceable tools and plugins coded exactly for these areas

And interesting fact: British comic “Monty Python” was a source of inspiration for the Python name. + 1 to the awesomeness, as for us and our team 🙃

Why python is good for your next project?

One of Python’s many strengths is how adaptable it is. Data gathering, math, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, web development and web plugins/frameworks, hardware systems, graphic design software, games development, API development, test automation and automation of scripts, and so on are just SOME OF THE MANY fields that put Python to use

Python appreciated over C, R, and Java because of its equivalent functionality and its simpler and more efficient syntax. So, Python is becoming increasingly popular as the go-to language for many IT projects

Using Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

Since its inception, the R programming language has been the standard for data research. Python’s rising popularity for Data Science can be attributed to the fact that its code seen as easier to maintain and more scalable than R, making it especially attractive to professionals who lack extensive training in statistics and mathematics

Python is good for data processing and data visualisation. It’s also good for machine learning development. It has the data manipulation and analysis libraries numpy and pandas, the machine learning library tensorflow, and the API for dealing with Spark, pyspark

With these packages, even a junior web developer may examine patterns in massive data sets without learning the nuances of the more advanced R language

Stackoverflow: Python Libs

Python’s applicability to other fields

Programming skills in general, and Python specifically, are in great demand because of their applicability across market sectors and niches. Many enterprise businesses and entrepreneurs are using Python in a wide variety of fields, including human resources, healthcare, finance, marketing, education, and more

‘Growth Marketers’ for instance, are now relying on Python analysis to inform their marketing strategies. Companies are abandoning Excel in favor of Python-based analyses

The website features a number of case studies highlighting the usefulness of Python in a wide range of settings. The sheer length of this list exemplifies the breadth of Python’s applicability. The history of BATS, a project that tries to make maps available to the visually blind, is an intriguing example. Another interesting example is a NASA workflow automation system that was developed by a single developer in Python in a little over a year

Which industries typically employ Python and what are the benefits?

As a result of Python’s ease of use and speed, many entrepreneurs rely on it to create their MVP (MVP). Python’s scalability means it’s utilized by some of the world’s biggest and most cutting-edge corporations. Netflix detailed how Python is used throughout the company, from the CDN to the monitoring systems.

Python is a popular solution-oriented programming language at Google. Google’s head of research, Peter Norvig, has claimed,

Google’s use of Python has been crucial from the very beginning, and it continues to be so as the company expands and the system improves. Dozens of Google’s engineers now use Python, and we're always interested in hearing from others who have experience with it.

iDataLabs reports that 73% of Python users work for organizations with less than $50 million in annual sales, whereas 17% work for enterprises with over $1 billion

In that case, how can you increase the number of potential employers who might consider interviewing you? Make use of a universal language. Python paves the way for careers in a broad variety of industries, whether you’re looking to work for Google on their next global product or for the modern next generation “unicorn”

  • The Python programming language has the highest rate of adoption

Given its widespread applicability, especially in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, data representation and machine learning, Python is poised for rapid expansion

By examining the amount of visits to a certain subject on Stack Overflow, Python is 2022 to be the fastest raising programming language

Based on data from top most search engines, the amount of qualified engineers throughout the world, courses, and third-party suppliers, the TIOBE Index provides a measure of a programming language’s popularity. Currently, only C and Java are behind of Python on the TIOBE Index, with Python in first place

TIOBE has recognized Python as the most popular programming language for 2022

Source: Tiobe index

Jobs requiring Python expertise are in great demand because of the language’s association with rapid expansion. For 2022, Python is expected to be the second most in-demand programming language, based on the amount of job ads on, one of the main job search sites

Python’s popularity isn’t limited to the US market, despite these numbers. But just a minority of coding schools really teach Python. We're excited to be among the brave few firms that provide services in this powerful programming language

SQL known as “structured query language” is a language for databases and not a programming language, hence it is not included in this graph. SQL is one of the most sought-after talents in the software development industry, with more than 60,000 job postings on alone. To help you thrive in today’s competitive employment market, we’ve included Python and SQL instruction in our curriculum

  • Python is simple to pick up and use

Python was designed with the simplification and minimization of unnecessary features in mind. That’s why Python is so friendly to newcomers in the programming world, both in terms of readability and accessibility

WP Engine asked 909 US-based developers which programming language they found most intuitive. Even though some programmers may consider HTML to be more of a markup language than a real full-assembled programming language, Python nonetheless managed to position second. One of Python’s selling points is that it has “excellent readability and straightforward syntax that is easy to learn.” Additionally, “for rookie devs in particular, the overall ease and simplicity of engineering some code in Python both contribute to its ease of writing and ease of deployment”, as stated in the article

To learn the complex syntax of other languages before completing even a basic application might be daunting for junior programmers. In contrast to the four or five lines required by other programming languages, Python’s “Hello World!” application may be written in only one. Since Python has a concise syntax, developers can get their programs up and running quickly and fit more logic into fewer lines of code

Unlike Java, Python is an interpreted language. Since each line of code may be executed as soon as it is written, unlike languages which compile like good old C++ or more modern Java, the results can be seen instantly. Getting immediate feedback is especially helpful for newcomers, who may otherwise have to wait for the entire program to compile and execute before realizing that they overlooked one character somewhere. There is a little performance downgrade though

Wanted Software Libs. Stackoverflow

That’s why Python has become the most in-demand language for software development. Python was chosen as the most desired programming language for 2022 by Stack Overflow because of its readability. This indicator tracks the fraction of non-Python programmers who express an interest in learning the language

Only a small percentage of today’s programmers work as professional software engineers. Programming’s widespread applicability and the abundance of available resources for learning it have piqued the curiosity of people of all ages and walks of life. Python is a popular option for programmers of all skill levels who want an easier approach to automate routine operations or analyze data

  • Python’s community is very helpful

Despite the widespread misconception that programmers work alone, a strong sense of community is one of the most helpful resources for any developer. Online communities, in-person gatherings, and the open source movement have all contributed to the ongoing development of programming skills

When developers get lost or want to contribute to the community, they can turn to Stack Overflow, a question and answer site for programmers. On Stack Overflow more than a million queries have the hashtag #Python, indicating a sizable and active community of Python developers both experienced and junior software engineers

On GitHub, programmers may share and work together on source code. Python is the second biggest GitHub community, with more than 1.5 million repositories and more than 90,000 people committing or creating problems in these projects

Python User Groups are another option for developers to connect with others in the Python community, both in person and online, to discuss common challenges, brainstorm solutions, and trade corny Python jokes

  • Open source packages

PyPi is home to a thriving community of Python add-ons. When working with Python, programmers can create their own modules to add to the extensive PyPi library. This massive third-party package repository contains tools that may assist users with a wide variety of endeavors, including but not limited to artificial intelligence (AI), web development, and more.

Python has become the language of choice for AI researchers, who have written countless packages for it. The founder of Python, Guido Van Rossum

FastApi and Django, Astrophy, numpy and pandas, scipy, pytest, and many more are just a few of the most widely used Python packages


Python is the best solution for startups and scale-ups since it helps overcome many of the restrictions that might arise due to a lack of time and money. It’s very easy to start with or work in a support manner, so definitely try it out for your next project!

CloudFlex is happy to support your software development, reach us out to get more!

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