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How to develop your social media application

Published : Jul 20, 2022 Updated : Jan 27, 2024

Wondering how to code your own social networking app?

To that end, you may be thinking, “How can I create a social networking software that competes with giants like Facebook?”

“Is it hard to develop a social media app?”, or “How much does it cost to make a social media app?”, “Can I have one for free or almost like that?”

In such case, you might consider this to be the last piece of advice. We will do everything in our power to address your concerns and provide you with a detailed roadmap outlining the steps you need to take to make this a reality.

Table of Contents

When and why should you start a social network?

You may immediately think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin when you hear the term “social media software”

A social network is an online community where individuals may meet and engage with others who have overlapping interests with them in terms of shared interests, backgrounds, or real-world relationships. While their primary use was to facilitate interpersonal communication, they’ve now proven to be potent promotional instruments. Users may notify others in their social circle about their interests, thoughts, photos, videos, and whereabouts, whether they are currently online or not.

Typically, a user’s profile will include their name, age, location, occupation, and interests alongside photos, videos, and summaries of their life updates and activities, as well as a feed displaying the most recent updates from friends or chats. It’s also common to have messaging service designed to communicate directly with individual users. Most of the time, a social network consists of these elements.

Simple in appearance, social media sites allow users to interact with people from all over the globe and take part in lively discussions thanks to the platform’s open nature. An app for social networking should include these core functionalities.

There is already a lot of social networking websites, so why create yet another one?

It’s no secret that people are losing interest in the classic social networking sites, and with good cause. They are so vast, nebulous, and generally intended to serve everyone with an internet connection, social networks can be a minefield of frustration for artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

People are not happy with today’s social media platforms for a number of reasons, like security flaws, trolling, attention overload, diminishing reach, constant algorithm changes that compel consumers to pay for advertisements. Important factor is a dearth of personalisation.

Thanks to today’s tools you can easily fix it in your product. It’s easier than ever to create an app for sharing information and interacting with others in the social media software

Gains from social network establishing

App idea. Source:

There is a number of benefits to start your own social network, and one of them is the freedom to communicate with your target demographic in a way that suits you best.

For further examples, here are some more:

1. Customized social media apps facilitate deeper, more meaningful interactions between users

When you create and own the digital platform your community uses to interact, you are free to do anything you choose with it. Would you want to have your followers see what you’re talking about? A direct line of communication with your audience may be established quickly and easily using your own functionality, custom and personalized for your product. Read more about custom software services

2. Understand your community better by taking a walk around.

In existing products, you can only get limited access to the information in your current communities via the major social media sites, and even that isn’t easy. This helps your business however you could be charged more for ads that reach a more specific demographic. The only way you can receive the extra info is to pay more than the other consumers do.

You have total say in the social networking app you make. Being the host means being well-versed in everyone attending your party. Ideal for social media marketing, not only do you have the flexibility to communicate with your community on your own terms, but you also have comprehensive access to information about the people who are most interested in you and what you do.

3. Having your own safe community boosts one’s ability to think beyond the box.

When trying to reach out to their audience, marketing department may run into difficulties using more conventional forms of social networking. When you have the means to create and maintain your own social networking mobile application and bespoke website, however, you won’t have to compromise on your original concept. Why do you need a website? Read more about web development services

Creating a social network app gives you unrestricted creative freedom. You may express yourself fully without worrying about exceeding the 280-character limit. Furthermore, the standard, one-size-fits-all approach to design and functionality is obsolete. More decisions on the look and feel of your community center will be made with your input.

4. Revenue is boosted through social networks that are tailored to each user’s preferences.

In many cases, using a popular social network to sell goods to your network is not a good idea. However, with a social media app of your own design, you may include digital marketplace opportunities directly into your platform. The ability to buy with a single click and in record time has arrived.

The way you earn money is up to you. In addition to facilitating the buying process for your intended demographic.

5. So long, dwindling influence

People, brands, and content creators on today’s social media platforms all have to work harder to stand out from the crowd. In addition, networks need algorithms to determine which users to target with which pieces of content.

When you create your own social media app, you don’t have to worry about figuring out complicated algorithms or competing for prime real estate in users’ news feeds. Simply you and your listeners are in this together. This means that everyone will get each and every post you make.

6. Remove any interruptions.

By designing your own own social network, you may create a private, individualized environment away from the chaos and distractions of more popular social media sites. There may not be any commercials, community chatter, or viral memes that divert the target audience’s attention.

You can eliminate all of those potential roadblocks for both you and your audience with your own software.

The variety of social networking apps continues to grow

Global social media use expected to reach 3.96 billion as of the beginning of July 2020, a growth of more than 10% in only the previous year.

This means that for the first time in human history, more people are using social media than not using. Almost all of these individuals (99%) are using a mobile app to access these sites

The potential for rapid community growth and monetization through your own social media app increased

Here are some smart ways to use your social networking app to influence consumers’ purchasing choices.

Social networking app categories and user expectations

Now that we have looked at what a social media app is, the advantages of developing your own, and the huge possibilities that lie ahead, let’s discuss the many types of social media apps available, the categories they fall into, and the expectations people have from each option.

Social networking and relationship management applications: These concepts are common knowledge to most of us (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook). They facilitate online interaction and knowledge sharing via communication and interaction with others.

  • Apps for social networking and relationship networks:

These concepts are common knowledge to most of us (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook). They facilitate online interaction and knowledge sharing via communication and interaction with others.

  • Media sharing networks

These are community tools for exchanging a wide variety of media formats (photos, videos, GIFs, etc). Some of the best examples of such websites are YouTube, Vimeo, and Tiktok.

  • Review networks

Customers may find firms they had a good experience with by using consumer review networks. Two such examples are Yelp and Trustpilot.

  • Community and discussion forums

These are community tools for exchanging a wide variety of media formats (photos, videos, GIFs, etc). Some of the best examples of such websites are YouTube, Vimeo, and Tiktok.

  • Socia Network Apps that exchange, find, and preserve material

Content curation networks are a specific subset of social networks. You may want to look at Pinterest or Flipboard.

  • Platforms for blogging and publishing:

Create a blog and share your thoughts with the world using these user-friendly social networking sites. This functionality is offered, for example, on Tumblr and Medium.

  • Interest-based networks:

Such websites like Goodreads and Soundcloud serve as meeting places for fans of similar books and music.

It’s clear there’s a wide variety of SNS tools out there. Those looking to build their own social networking app should keep in mind the many distinguishing features that make each kind of app unique.

Analyze your project audience demands to pick up best social network type

popular social media applications platforms, Source: Global WebIndex

How to develop social network effectively

There are currently a number of options for rapidly developing social networking applications thanks to the widespread availability of no-code product development platforms. When it comes down to it, you have four choices for creating your social networking app, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Please see a breakdown of the available choices below:

SaaS Method:

Out-of-the-box resources for creating a web- and mobile-based social network are available from SaaS platforms like Disciple. Customizable in terms of look and feel, app launch time, and content monetization options

Open-source applications:

Out-of-the-box resources for creating a web- and mobile-based social network are available from SaaS platforms like Disciple. Customizable in terms of look and feel, app launch time, and content monetization options

CMS with a social network extension:

Out-of-the-box resources for creating a web- and mobile-based social network are available from SaaS platforms like Disciple. Customizable in terms of look and feel, app launch time, and content monetization options

Develop from scratch or custom software:

It may be necessary to build an app from the ground up if you have a really novel concept that calls for very complicated technology, like Snapchat’s VR filters. Hiring a dedicated app development company to help you out is a last resort since, although it is a solution, it is also quite time-consuming and costly. Read more about custom software development

Essentials of a Successful Social Networking App

After reviewing the various options available for developing your social media app, you may be wondering what aspects you should prioritize when creating an interest-based network. Keep in mind the following:

  • Profile. After reviewing the various options available for developing your social media app, you may be wondering what aspects you should prioritize when creating an interest-based network. Keep in mind the following:

  • Posts. Access to posting for users. Your users should be able to talk to one another and the community at large about concerns and exchange relevant news and information.

  • Notifications. This way users are aware of changes to their accounts or of events in which they have participated. In the case of Push Notifications, users may get app updates directly on their mobile devices at any time and without having to launch the app. Utilizing push notifications in your social media platform or mobile app is a great strategy for maintaining user interest. One popular use is informing customers of changes to a website or the availability of a limited-time offer. Keep in mind, though, that too many might become bothersome, prompting users to turn them off. Find the sweet spot that suits your app and stay there.

  • A search Users are able to quickly and easily search for businesses, topics, and people.

  • Connection options Users are able to quickly and easily search for businesses, topics, and people.

  • News Feed. This is the hub where users can keep up with the activities of the people, pages, and communities they’ve chosen to follow. A well-designed and intuitive news feed is crucial for every social networking program, since it is one of the most used elements. Provide users with the option to personalize the material and make it current and relevant to their needs.

  • Chat/Messaging. A means for users to be notified of updates or things they have been “tagged in,” for example, as well as Push Alerts, email notifications, or any methods to reach out that would enable individuals to keep up to date on their mobile phones without having to log in to the app. It’s important to keep people interested in your social media network or mobile app, and push notifications are a great way to do so. In this way, users may be alerted to fresh content, updates, and sales. However, be careful not to go overboard, since receiving an overwhelming number of notifications may quickly become annoying. You should settle on a reasonable budget for your app and stick to it.

Too many notification services might disappoint. Consider sending them only when user is not in app

  • File uploads. Users' ability to post media such as images and movies, for example.

  • Resource library. As the owner of the platform, you may want to store media files like movies and documents like PDFs in one convenient area called a “resource library” for simple distribution.

  • Groups and subgroups. If there are a lot of photography enthusiasts in your group, you may create a subset of members who are interested in capturing just animals or only events, etc.

  • Moderation tools. Having your own social network means you can protect your Group or business from trolls without having to rely on a third party. Having comment moderation and shadow banning available on your own social network is a terrific method to stop any inappropriate behavior from spreading.

  • Broadcasting video. The public is becoming used to seeing live shows online. All the time, you should be able to watch a livestream. It’s a great way to get your message over quickly, whether you’re demonstrating a product or working out.

  • Configurability. or the flexibility to make aesthetic adjustments to your social network in line with your company’s identity. It would be ideal to be able to customise your suggestions in addition to changing the colors, fonts, and logo.

  • Security. It goes without saying that you need a safe and secure network in order to have full control over your information.

  • Analytics. Having access to user-generated data is crucial for every company owner. You’ll be able to see things like user location, the kind of devices they’re using, and the types of material they’re most interested in. In this method, you can guarantee your customers get first-rate service.

  • Admin Panel. You may utilize the Admin Panel to administer the site, restrict unreliable users, and carry out other administrative tasks, as well as provide responsibilities to others who can use these features.

  • Monetization. Do you want to make money off of your online community or social network? If that’s the case, it’s crucial to design your social network so that users may choose how they want to interact with one another.

Don't hesitate to make your social network application big enough but keep it balanced. Users can wait on dark theme but can't wait on buy button in built e-commerce website

When making a social network app, it’s important to think about more advanced features.

When making a social network app, it’s important to think about more advanced features.

  • Snapchat and Instagram have pioneered the use of augmented reality and facial filters. People still use those filters with the weird faces on them.

  • AI chatbots are intelligent chatbots that use AI to make predictions and provide answers automatically. Machine learning services

  • Content that is only available for a limited time, such as a message or a story, is called ephemeral content. SnapChat and Instagram continue to dominate the industry.

Guidelines for Developing a Social Media App (Step-by-step instruction for founder)

We have now exhausted all of your options. Let’s get right into the fundamental steps involved in making a social networking platform. Building a website and a mobile app for it would be crucial features. But first, let’s figure out what it is we want to do as a company.

First, determine your intended readership and objective.

In order to create the best possible user experience, it is crucial that you have access to the data and analytics that will allow you to monitor things like your users’ whereabouts, the kind of devices they are using, and the types of content they are engaging with most often.

The software is designed to help you and people you give permission to manage the site, filter out malicious actors, and carry out other administrative tasks.

Are you thinking about ways to make money off of your online community or social media site? If that’s the case, having options at your disposal to do so while expanding your social circle is crucial.

You should give some serious consideration to how you might monetize your unique software.

Step 2 – Functionality

When designing a social networking app, it’s simple to become sidetracked by all the potential features and options. First off, figure out what kind of budget you have and how proficient your development team is so you can be sure to include all of the features that are necessary right now.

Focus on the actions you want your app’s most engaged users to take. Take into account the following recommendations:

  • To what extent would you want your visitors to provide feedback on how to enhance your site? (this might be a combination of visual and textual media). If you want to implement a news feed feature, you must choose who will be allowed to post. Who exactly will be getting the status updates, if anybody at all?
  • Would you want to enable feedback and likes on your posts?
  • What kind of content are you planning to include on the app? How would you direct people to these resources?
  • To what extent will Push Notifications or other notification services, such as email notification, be used to maintain customers’ interest in your mobile app or website?
  • Is access to your bespoke software restricted to a select few, or is it freely available to all?
  • In order to ensure that your app is as safe as possible for your users, what safeguards will you implement?
  • In order to increase your app’s user base, do you plan to connect it to other popular social networking platforms?
  • Will each of your app’s users have their own unique profile?
  • How about we turn on geolocation? Geolocation technology allows your program to track its users’ whereabouts. This tool might be useful if you wish to take use of user-generated content and include user-generated tags.
  • Are there any additional considerations or features that your programmers need to know about?

Step 3 – Development phase

If you have already identified the core features and functions of your product, you can go on to the next step of the process and begin designing and developing it. Users now want both a desktop and mobile experience, therefore build both if possible.

It is important to decide early on whether you want your software to be available for Android users exclusively, Apple users alone, or both.

Android and iOS both have their own own sets of underlying technologies. Identify your goals and choose if a native iOS and Android app, a single-platform native app, or cross-platform Flutter/React-Native development is the best route to go with your project. Our mobile app development services

If you’re utilizing a SaaS model, this stage isn’t as important, but if you’re building anything from scratch, you should know that it may be expensive and time-consuming, so you should be as detailed as possible when describing your ideas to a development business. Backend development services

Get started on your app by drawing out a wireframe. Everyone on your team will benefit from this clearer understanding of the program’s structure and functionality. More about MVP and PoC

Making a wireframe is the first step in developing an app. Your team members will benefit from this because they can better understand the functionality of the app and the connections between its various sections.

The next step is prototyping, when a working model of the app is built. In addition to enhancing everyone’s familiarity with the software, this step also positions you favorably for the development’s last stretch.

Build PoC first continue adding! That way you can save resources but test the market niche

Step 4 – Grow community

After your app is complete, you can begin promoting it and building a user base.

Take into account the very minimum of your marketing needs. If you want more people to use your app or website, you need to think about how you’ll entice them to do so and what you’ll do to make sure they have a positive experience once they do. What about people you know in real life? Fear not, below you’ll find some helpful hints.

Step 5 – Analysis

Several analytics tools exist to help you evaluate your app’s performance. You may analyze things like the average session length or the average number of sessions per week/month.

Keeping a tally of participation might give you a leg up on making real changes in the future.

Social media apps monetization ways

There are several ways to make money off of your social network app and reward your dedication.

We all want to feel like we’re a part of something extraordinary, and one way to do that is by purchasing a membership. If your community members really benefit from your material, many of them will willingly pay for a membership. It’s possible that you’ll provide both free and premium tiers, with the latter including more in-depth or important information. In an app-based community, subscriptions are made very easy by Apple and Google’s payment processes.

Fans of your brand in the online community will be able to find anything they need, from snazzy merch with your logo and slogan to access to a fully stocked virtual shop.

What are the odds that businesses will wish to get in touch with you if your community has a lot of engaged members? One way to turn your influence into revenue is to get paid sponsorship. Suggestion: Be forthright and honest with your sponsors at all times, and only accept reputable sponsors that are a good match for your target demographic.

Do you have a paid course, ebook, movie, or audio file that you believe your community might be interested in purchasing via in-app purchases? Make it possible for users to buy digital goods without leaving your app by including in-app purchases or a website. It is important to keep track of how many orders have been placed.

Promotion of products and other online events may be made possible via your community platform. Simply integrate your chosen ticketing software with them and start selling tickets.

In search of new users for your social media app?

We have now covered every aspect of developing a social network app. As such, you may be asking what you can do to get more users interested in and excited about your social networking software.

Some proven methods to increase your app’s downloads are as follows:

  • Use intelligent banners to route visitors from your company’s site to the app’s page in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Material marketing. Include a CTA to sign up for your app or website in blog posts, infographics, video content, or e-books that cover subjects your customers are interested in and actively looking for.
  • If you already have a sizable online following or a sizable email list, don’t be afraid to promote your app on these sites in the hopes of encouraging more people to download it. = Build an advertising campaign: Run advertisements on Google AdWords and other social media platforms to attract users from certain demographics to your app and encourage them to become part of your community.
  • If you know of any influencers who might be a good match for your app, reach out to them or establish a relationship with them to see if a partnership can be formed.
  • Promote the usage of referral coupons through in-app messages to your most engaged users.
  • Before reaching out to journalists and bloggers with pitches, it’s important to do research to see how your app or website relates to the topics they cover and the interests of their audience. In order to make your pitch (and your software) stand out, you need to adopt a unique perspective.


People want unrestricted, genuine digital connectivity. There has never been a better time to start making a social media app, and if you and your community have been seeking for a specific solution, you may have found it in the form of a niche app.

If you’re thinking, “This will cost a lot and take a long time to achieve,” rest assured that there are other SaaS solutions that are fast, cheap, and easy to set up, and that CloudFlex would be pleased to provide our development experience if you’re interested.

Contact us to get rough analysis with top-talent engineers!

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